Pebeo Vitrail
Pebeo Vitrail

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Vitrail from Pebeo is available in a 45 ml bottle.
Applicable to glass, polyester, acetate and other hard (transparent) surfaces.
Vitrail gives a beautiful shiny, transparent effect comparable to stained glass.
The paint is intensive and light-real has a glossy effect.
Apply with a brush and the colors are mixable.

Vitrail is available in 36 colors, 27 of which are transparent colors and 9 opaque (opaque) colors.
The paint is intensive and light-fast has a glossy effect.
Pebeo vitrail is solvent based.

After 1 hour, the vitrail is touch dry, completely dry after 8 hours. Drying time, however, depends on the amount applied, temperature and humidity
only suitable for decorative objects, not intended for eating and drinking utensils.
clean brushes with odorless thinner (hardware store)
clean decorated objects with soap and water, not in a dishwasher

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