Pebeo Fantasy Moon
Pebeo Fantasy Moon

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Fantasy Moon gives a hammered, mother of pearl shiny effect.
Opaque reactive solvent-wearing liquid alkyd dyes with hammered effect.
for metal and canvas.

Depending on the thickness applied, the result is transparent to opaque and is in all cases light-resistant.

To apply the paint, thoroughly deve the surface
Stir the paint well before using
Fantasy Moon can be applied to many surfaces such as: glass, mirror, terra cotta, ceramics, canvas, metal, wood etc.
Apply with brush
Drying time is 2 hours, completely cured after 10 hours.
Fantasy Moon decorated objects are not suitable in combination with food
Remove the objects with a damp cloth, do not clean them in a sop or dishwasher
Clean brushes or other tools with turpentine, then clean with soap and water again

Not suitable for children, read the instructions for use properly!!

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