Pebeo paint

Pebeo paint 


  • Pebeo Fantasy Moon

    Fantasy Moon gives a hammered, mother of pearl shiny effect.
    Opaque reactive solvent-wearing liquid alkyd dyes with hammered effect.
    for metal and canvas.

    Depending on the thickness applied, the result is transparent to opaque and is in all cases light-resistant.

    To apply the paint, thoroughly deve the surface
    Stir the paint well before using
    Fantasy Moon can be applied to many surfaces such as: glass, mirror, terra cotta, ceramics, canvas, metal, wood etc.
    Apply with brush
    Drying time is 2 hours, completely cured after 10 hours.
    Fantasy Moon decorated objects are not suitable in combination with food
    Remove the objects with a damp cloth, do not clean them in a sop or dishwasher
    Clean brushes or other tools with turpentine, then clean with soap and water again

    Not suitable for children, read the instructions for use properly!!

  • Pebeo Fantasy Prisme

    Fantasy Prism by PeBeo.
    Paint with a series of original colors, end result gives a honeycomb effect on smooth and horizontal surfaces.
    28 opamountable colours with a glossy result in 45ml jar.
    solvent, ready to use.
    Completely dry in 72 hours, after 6 hours of touching possible, depending on the thickness of the layer, or layers.
    Once dry, washable, however, not soaking and no machinery was possible.
    Ideal for jewelry creations and decorations on glass,mirrors, terra cotta, canvas, metal, wood.......
    Do not use this paint for decorations that come into contact with food.
    Clean brushes or other tools with soap and water immediately after use.

  • Marbling ink Pebeo

    Marbling is a simple but effective method of decorating paper or fabric through the manipulation of floating colours. Apply the marbling colours to the surface of water which has been thickened with Marbling Bath and swirl into unique patterns. Briefly lay your paper or fabric on the surface to print. The ink adheres on contact and the design is transferred. Water based intermixable colours. Fix with an iron.

  • Mixed Media sets pebeo

    Complete sets that help you discover how to achieve the most beautiful results with the various Mixed Media paint types.
    Each set contains an extensive leaflet with examples and tips.

  • Pebeo Vitrail

    Vitrail from Pebeo is available in a 45 ml bottle.
    Applicable to glass, polyester, acetate and other hard (transparent) surfaces.
    Vitrail gives a beautiful shiny, transparent effect comparable to stained glass.
    The paint is intensive and light-real has a glossy effect.
    Apply with a brush and the colors are mixable.

    Vitrail is available in 36 colors, 27 of which are transparent colors and 9 opaque (opaque) colors.
    The paint is intensive and light-fast has a glossy effect.
    Pebeo vitrail is solvent based.

    After 1 hour, the vitrail is touch dry, completely dry after 8 hours. Drying time, however, depends on the amount applied, temperature and humidity
    only suitable for decorative objects, not intended for eating and drinking utensils.
    clean brushes with odorless thinner (hardware store)
    clean decorated objects with soap and water, not in a dishwasher

  • Porcelain paint Pebeo gloss

    PeBeo Porcelaine 150., fast-drying paint for glazed pottery, porcelain, glass.

    fat-free surface (make fat-free with alcohol ketonatus 365)
    then allow to dry and harden for 24 hours.
    for a full opaque effect,
    keep at least an hour of drying time between the layers.
    after curing bake in the household oven at 150 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes.
    baked items are suitable for the dishwasher, however we recommend hand washing for a lasting beautiful result
    DO NOT place painted objects in the microwave.