Acrylic paint Amsterdam
Acrylic paint Amsterdam

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Amsterdam acrylic paint has excellent adhesion it can be used on almost any surface.
The paint has a high light fastness, so that even after decades the workpieces retain their color.
Once dried, it no longer dissolves in water, so after that it can take a beating!
Acrylic paint Amsterdam is also alkali resistant and therefore suitable for murals.
This acrylic paint from Talens is almost entirely odourless, so the brushes are easy to rinse out with soap and water

The properties of Talens Amsterdam acrylic paint also make it possible that you can use the paint in all kinds of combinations:
diluted with water, pure, or mixed with a medium.
You can also incorporate numerous materials into the paint.
Mix Amsterdam paint with sand, stone or sawdust and you get a completely different effect!

Amsterdam acrylic paint Standard series Specialties consisting of the Reflex (Fluor), Pearl (Pearlescent) and Metal Colours

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