Viva Modeling cream
Viva Modeling cream

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Modellier cream

Cream-like paste with a fine shine in metal or pearl colors for dimensional results. For both hobby and artist purposes.
With the Modeling-Cream, objects can be artistically decorated for indoors and outdoors.
Beautiful 3D effects can be achieved on canvas if the Modeling-Cream is applied with a palette knife, sponge or brush.
Possibly using a template.

Applicable to painter's cloth, cardboard, ceramics, wood, stone, terra cotta, glass etc.
Apply the paste with a spatula or sponge. Easily applicable in combination with a template.
The surface to be decorating should be grease- and dust-free.
Depending on the amount of Modellier Creme applied, the drying time is 24 hours.
Clean tools with water.

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