• Gilding wax

    Pebeo gilding wax is made of very fine metal particles coated with wax and acrylic resin.
    It gives a high quality finish on many surfaces such as metal, wood, plaster, cardboard, paper and glass.
    The gilding wax is in 30 ml glass jars and is there in 6 colours.

  • Edelmetal powder

    Paper-thin metal powder for, for example, washing crackles.
    (as obtained with FacetsLack from Viva Decor for example.)

  • Metalfoil

    Sheet metal in the colors gold, silver and copper for decorative applications.
    Gilding, cashing or selling an item or part of it gives an effect of real metal, which you cannot achieve with paint.
    Sheet metal is real metal in very thin sheets.
    To be used on curved surfaces or at reliefs.
    To apply, you need a special glue that the metal attaches perfectly to.

  • Liquid metal paint

    Liquid metallic paint on turpentine base in 30 ml jars. This gives a nice metal look to your projects. Compare the top layer with a transparent varnish after use. Shake well before use.