Mixed Media

Mixed Media 


  • Bottlecaps
  • Cadence finger wax waterbased

    Cadence Fingerwax is a version of the gilding wax water-based, and therefore non-toxic.
    This gilding wax is high quality can be used on any surface.
    Apply with the finger, a soft brush, a cloth or sponge.
    The colours are miscible.
    You can give the wax more schine by polishing it with a piece of cloth when it is dry.
    You can also paint the wax if it is dry.
    Easy to clean with soap and water.

  • Distress oxide sprays

    Tim Holtz Distress® Oxide® Spray is a dye and pigment ink fusion that creates oxidized effects when sprayed with water. Use for quick and easy ink coverage on porous surfaces. Spray through stencils, layer colors, spritz with water and watch the color mix and blend. Available in 12 colors each in a 2 fl. oz. spray bottle.

  • Mixed Media materials
  • Nuvo embellishment mousse
  • Nuvo mica mist spray's

    Simply creates a sparkling, shimmering effect. . The NUVO Mica mist sprays are ideal to add that shimmering sparkle to your creative project. Can be used on porous surfaces such as paper, cardboard, wood and fabrics. Spray directly onto a light dark surface. The unique spray Tablet Mica powder and a colored pigment that attaches to the surface, giving you multiple layers can be different. You can also paint the nozzle and the solution directly on a porous surface, for a more vivid sheen. Add a pearl effect met the dazzling mica mist sprays. Available in a vial of 80 ml met an ultra-fine syringe mouth. Shake before use.

  • Nuvo sparkle spray
  • StazOn Studio Glaze

    Vitreous paint decoration, with which ' glass ' effects can be made.
     Studio Glaze (glaze), 12 colors, bring in 25 ml vial with narrow spout
    To a stained glass effect can be applied on glass to create as well as on metal, acrylic, paper and other non-porous surfaces.
    Needs no bake in the oven.
    Is not dishwasher-proof or food safe, so only suitable for decorative purposes!
    Directly from the bottle, but also with the help of, among others, doodle tools.
    Perfect in combination with stencils, Stazon Midi line, along with the Stazon Metallic Gold and Silver as Opaque Cotton White Stazon.
    Tips: shake the bottle vigorously before each use.
    Store at room temperature and out of direct sunlight.
    Clean the dispensing spout after each use.
    Drying time can be accelerated by thin layers or by remote with a heat tool to heat.

    Not for outdoor use and do not expose to water.

  • Stickles
  • gilding
  • Viva Inka gold

    Inka Gold is easy to apply,
    quick drying and gives an elegant gilded shine to absorbent surfaces such as
    untreated wood, paper, cardboard and unglazed pottery. When applied and buffed to a shine it is smudge proof.

    Apply Inka Gold wax paste thinly with a dry sponge, damp brush (for intricate detailed areas), soft cloth or a finger, in a circular motion.
    As the colour is applied, polish it with a soft dry cloth to intensify the shine.
    Build up the colour intensity or introduce blends of colour by applying more layers of paste.
    To avoid contaminating colours and to secure the storage life of the wax paste remove the amount of paste as needed from the jar with a clean pallet-knife or wooden stick.

  • Viva Modeling cream

    Modellier cream

    Cream-like paste with a fine shine in metal or pearl colors for dimensional results. For both hobby and artist purposes.
    With the Modeling-Cream, objects can be artistically decorated for indoors and outdoors.
    Beautiful 3D effects can be achieved on canvas if the Modeling-Cream is applied with a palette knife, sponge or brush.
    Possibly using a template.

    Applicable to painter's cloth, cardboard, ceramics, wood, stone, terra cotta, glass etc.
    Apply the paste with a spatula or sponge. Easily applicable in combination with a template.
    The surface to be decorating should be grease- and dust-free.
    Depending on the amount of Modellier Creme applied, the drying time is 24 hours.
    Clean tools with water.

  • Watercolor sprays