Zig clean colors
Zig clean colors

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Real Brush 80 colors-watercolour, illustrate, for art, hobby and more ...

water-based-water-soluble-odorless mixable via the brushpunten perfect for calligraphy set

easy and controlled thick and thin lines

easy to handle in all uses paints on pigment ink directly on stamps processable

MIXING tips: No palette needed!
Simply mixing by the points of the markers all over each other. Keep the markers vertically. Under the base color and the color to add above. Bring a bit of color to the other, this doesn't hurt  point damage. After wiping the mixed use marker points to a tissue or on paper.

WRITING with THESE MARKERS: keep the marker in 45 degrees, start with less pressure for fine lines at the top, more pressure for middle and bottom of the letters/numbers.

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